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Coach Tim Stolo

Coach Stolo may be described as a down to earth, practically minded "player's coach" with a penchant for simple but aggressive, attacking defenses. "I like most things that follow the acronym K.I.S.S. Just line 'em up sound, make 'em understand their assignment and let 'em get after it and just play football."

Having been a running back for most of his playing career, coach Stolo naturally saw himself becoming an offensive coaching specialist but, as fortune would have it, he is happy and comfortable on the defensive side of the ball. "A dominating defense is usually much more intimidating than an explosive offense, since everybody knows that defense can keep that offense from scoring. Simply put, 'If they don't score, we don't lose.'"

Fast Facts: Graduate of Rome Free Academy; Played running back on a Dickinson State (ND) University team that finished undefeated and nationally ranked #1 (NAIA); transferred and finished his collegiate career as an "often injured, lackluster" linebacker for Brockport State (SUNY), graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Sport. Coach Stolo has tallied coaching miles in football and/or strength and conditioning at Cicero-North Syracuse, Clinton Central, Austin Peay State (TN) University, SUNY Morrisville and Syracuse University. Spent 4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Married to Lorraine. Lists hobbies as reading (especially the Bible, Irish/Celtic and military history), playing guitar and singing "hillbilly" music and playing basketball. Employed full-time as a public transit manager/supervisor for Birnie Bus Service. As a strength coach, he stresses periodized, multi-phasic, sport specific plyometric and explosive strength (power) and flexibility training combined with high protein and quality hydration diets. Favorite Pro Athlete(s): Walter Payton-"I always tried to play like him as a running back." and Dan Marino-"A no brainer." Pro Team: Miami Dolphins: College Team: Syracuse